Education for the betterment of life

Operating two pre-schools

Anamali Preschool

The school was built by the Sahana Foundation in 2005 at the request of the village, and has been successfully operated since then. Children of the age of 3-5 years spend one year at the preschool (kindergarten) before enrolling in grade 1 of the normal school.

A preschool had been the dream of the villagers for several years and they have contributed and are deeply involved in the running of the school.

Each year a group of about 40-50 students graduate from the school in the village of Jotikoratuwa. 222 children have so far graduated from the preschool.

Anamali preschool employs 4 teachers and with the help of the teachers the children are guided in the correct direction at the early stages of their life.

Chitramali Preschool

In the village of Kadabaddegama , Chitramali Preschool admits 75 students per year and has 06 teachers. With the success of the school continuing to grow, the Chitramali preschool received the award for the best Preschool in the Matara District in Sri Lanka for the year 2013-2014.

Chitramali preschool also received the special merit award for adherence to the 5S program from the National Productivity Secretariat in 2014.

Several groups of children have completed grade 5 at primary school, many have done well at the grade 5 examination and have won scholarships to well-known schools in the country. Apart from a sound education and start in life, the schools also provide an opportunity for young teachers to complete the required practical component of their teaching qualifications.

The schools are being successfully run and quality controlled with participation of the parents who help administer the school in different ways. No fees are charged and the schools are funded through contributions from Barberyn guests and the Barberyn owners.

Scholarships to bright young students

The Sahana Foundation provides scholarships through a sponsorship program where guests of Barberyn Ayurveda Resorts sponsor individual students.

Up to now 23 students have completed their course of studies in agriculture, management, engineering, science, veterinary sciences, architecture, dental surgery and mathematics. They have attended the following universities:

University of Colombo
University of Moratuwa
University of Sri Jayawardanapura
University of Rhuhuna
University of Peradeniya
University of Kelaniya
University of Oluvil

Most of the students are now employed and some places of employment include the following:

Bank of Ceylon
Base Hospital, Colombo
Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort
Barberyn Human Resources Development (Pvt) Ltd.
General Hospital, Colombo
Private companies
Agriculture Department

Some students have also moved on to do post graduate studies.

Currently 16 students are being provided scholarship. The waiting list is long and sponsorship of students are most welcome.


Students comments

“It is a great privilege to offer my heart-felt gratitude to “Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation” including Ms Shahazad, her kind and priceless contribution for my education. If honestly say, I could not achieve this target without your unwavering support. It is with great pleasure to mention that I have been appointed as an academic instructor. I believe the experience gain through as an academic instructor will definitely help me achieve my dream of being a lecturer. Currently I am applying for scholarship programs in foreign countries in order to complete my PhD studies as soon as possible.”
Chathumi Ayanthi

“I wish you all a long and prosperous life especially all the the ladies and gentlemen in the Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation, and everyone who donated funds to me from Japan, Miss Kayoko Hiroshi and everybody in her family. I wish you strength and courage to carry on similar projects in future. I can never forget the assistance that was given to me in order to become successful in life. I will pursue my studies and I hope to become a doctor to contribute my service towards our country”.

“I successfully completed my University education in 2013 with the financial aid given to me by the Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation and I would like to extend my gratitude to your organization, its members and donors.”
Ishani Chathurangi Fernando
University of Sri Jayawardenapura – B.Com (Special)


Ayurveda Education
Malewana Ayurveda College

Ayurveda, the “Science of Life”, is the ancient holistic system of medicine in Sri Lanka. Ayurveda knowledge was traditionally passed down from parent to child, and it was learnt in verse (Sloka), so that it was easy to memorize the various types of treatment and the many recipes for the medicinal concoctions.

Today Ayurveda can be studied at university level and at Diploma level, making it accessible to more, and also bringing with it the possibility of more research and development as well as consistency into the field.

Currently these programs are difficult to access for the children of the traditional Ayurveda physicians, for various reasons, including lack of funds. These students have a great interest and understanding of Ayurveda and a practical knowledge which is precious and needs to be nurtured.

The founders of the Sahana Foundation have their base in Ayurveda, with a deep commitment to the preservation of traditional Ayurveda knowledge. They have thus acceded to the request from one of the oldest Ayurveda colleges in Sri Lanka to help preserve and support the establishment. In keeping with the philosophy of the founding monk, who was also a well-known Ayurveda physician, the college provides education free of charge to the students.

The Sahana Foundation funds and supports the Malewana Sri Gnanissara Ayurvedic Medical College.

Healthy living and other projects


Help those seeking medical care through the improvement and maintenance of hospital wards.

Sri Lanka is one of the very few countries in the world that provides free primary secondary and tertiary health care facilities via a network of hospitals throughout the country. With a growing population of over 20 million, high rates of tropical disease and poverty sees the residential wards constantly overflowing with patients. The National hospitals, which are located in Colombo, provide medical care -including residential medical services to patients from any part of the country. No one who is in need is turned away, even though the residential wards are overflowing with patients.

Seeing the possibility of improving the facilities in the hospital wards and bringing some comfort to those who seek medical help, the Sahana Foundation has formulated a hospital assistance scheme.

Maintenance of Ward Number 40 at National Hospital Colombo

Established in 1864, the National Hospital of Sri Lanka (NHSL) is the premier teaching hospital and tertiary care facility in the country. All services are provided free of charge. The NHSL employs a staff of nearly 5000, including 80 consultant staff, and over 500 doctors. Apart from the outpatient services, it has 77 wards and 3000 beds.

Ward number 40 is maintained by the Sahana Foundation – a general surgical ward with 48 beds.

Assistance to Panadura Hospital

The Sahana Foundation renovated two dilapidated rooms in the Panadura Hospital to house the Eco Cardiogram and ECG Machine at the Panadura Hospital. The refurbishment included the following:
• Tiled the floors and painted the rooms and the verandah
• Repaired the doors and windows and the toilet
• Fixed two air conditioners for Eco Cardiogram and ECG rooms
• Repaired the furniture

Nagoda Hospital – maintenance of two wards

Nagoda Hospital (in the small town of Nagoda in Kalutara District) is a large, government funded hospital with several different specialist units. There are 127 doctors and 650 nursing staff, and it is open until midnight, for all patients.

The hospital originally opened around a century ago as a Military Army Base Hospital. Further to the discussions conducted with hospital administrators and physicians, the hospital allocated ward No.8 and 16 to the Sahana Foundation to renovate and equip. The Foundation allocated one million rupees initially to carry out the work, including the patient monitoring equipment. The Nagoda Hospital has been renovated and equipped by the Sahana Foundation. The equipment included an infusion pump and multi para monitor.

Weligama District Hospital

Weligama district Hospital is the “base” hospital for people living in the Weligama and surrounding areas. A large number of people, young and old, benefits from this hospital.

While some facilities had been renovated, the kitchen was in total disrepair, affecting health and hygiene of the patients.
At the request of the hospital authorities and the village, the Sahana Foundation undertook an extensive renovation, including plastering the walls, refilling, renewing, electrical fitting and fixing/replacing the furniture as well as providing the equipment. The renovated kitchen was handed over to the happy hospital authorities and patients on 9th July, 2014.


People with mental illnesses are a marginalized group within our society. The inherent stigma and discrimination associated with mental illnesses impact not only the mentally ill, but also their families.

The Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation identified the importance of creating awareness on mental health amongst the general public to lessen the discrimination against the mentally ill and developed a forum theatre in collaboration with the Abhina Academy of Performing Arts to educate the community. This performance was a re-enactment of a real life case study produced by Abhina Academy with the support of the Psychiatrists attached to the National Institute of Mental Health and the development and performances were supported and funded by the Sahana Foundation. This is an ongoing project area where the Sahana Foundation supports workshops conducted by the Abhina Academy from time to time.


Sirivilasa Ayurveda Centre

The beautifully restored ancestral house of the Rodrigo family opened doors for the general public to get their illnesses treated through authentic Ayurveda treatments at a nominal price. The clinics are being held every Wednesday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Sudana Rodrigo Sahana Foundation subsidizes the provision of Ayurvedic medicine for the ill, manifesting its commitment for the betterment of life through prevention of disease and promoting healthy living.

Arisithum Centre for Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine

Arisithum relief service is a not-for-profit health service centered at Ariya Chinthashrama, Gonagaldeniya, Waharaka, Sri Lanka. Indigenous medicinal recipes and treatment methods are being used here to cure diseases and ailments of people. This service provides 200-300 patients per week seeking relief for physical and mental suffering at the out-patient clinic conducted every Sunday at Ariya Chinthashrama. This endeavour is carefully supervised by a senior Buddhist monk and implemented by a group of qualified Ayurvedic and Allopathic medical officers. This service also aims to collect facts from all possible sources of Sri Lankan traditional medicine and preserve them for future generations. It also plans to research into the Sri Lankan traditional medicine and prepare traditional Sri Lankan medicinal remedies by using authentic methods. The Sahana Foundation contributes monthly for the operations of this centre.

Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology

Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Etiology (CKDU) is a dedicated, specific relief service project initiated in October 2015 with its first clinic, at Kebithigollewa. The aim of this clinic is to relieve the suffering of patients debilitated by kidney disease. CKDU now conducts a clinic once every three weeks time. The objectives of the CKDU clinic are:

  • Finding feasible solutions for CKDU patients by implementing multidisciplinary approaches
  • Educating the CKDU patients, general public and creating awareness
  • Examination of the efficacy in Sri Lankan traditional Medicine to relieve the suffering of CKDU patients
  • Developing more economical and reliable tests to screen and monitor CKDU

The CKDU team aims to provide a comprehensive care that facilitates and improves the overall quality of life of CKDU/CKD patients by catering to 350 patients through a registered channel which is the divisional secretariat of Kebithigollewa, along with the support of the community medical officer (Ayurveda) and the Commissioner Ayurveda NCP. At each clinic, 150 to 200 patients receive treatment and care every time a clinic is been conducted. The CKDU team consists of Western and Ayurveda doctors who are experts in their respective and relevant field.


Flood Relief 2017 in Sri Lanka

In May 2017, extraordinarily heavy rains brought floods and suffering to people living in the interior, in several parts of Sri Lanka. The most urgent need was for food and water. Both the Barberyn Reef and Barberyn Beach kitchens were cooking and preparing packets of warm food that have been taken to the most inaccessible places.

Each resort has prepared up to 1,000 packets of food every day. As the rain has become lighter, people have started going back to their homes wherever possible. Their need now is for dry rations and clothes – the Sahana Foundation is providing this.